A woman sewing for a automotive interiors supplier

Since 1987, our cutting and sewing department has provided fast, quality prototype and production work, for projects with leather and fabric components. With RCO being one of the leading automotive seat manufacturers, our advanced cutting and sewing capabilities are critically important to our clients and other departments such as our soft trim group.

A woman working a machine for a automotive interiors supplier



RCO’s Automotive Interior Trim Parts Manufacturing Expertise


RCO has trimmed seats and other properties for some of the world's premier auto and aerospace companies. Trusted for building automotive trim parts to exacting quality standards and specifications, we’re the go-to solution for all your automotive interior trim needs.


Whether it’s a one-off seating prototype, a show property, or a low-volume production run of soft trim components, we can support you. We’ll ensure that you walk away with a product you’ll be proud to present to your stakeholders.


If you’d like expert design help for the interior of your project, we can be your automotive interior designer. Depending on the type of vehicle and your target market, we can help you turn your vehicle’s interior into one of the selling points that will generate more customers.



A woman checking over a machine for a automotive interiors supplier

RCO has particular experience in understanding which designs and materials will contribute to the comfort of a seat property. Utilizing our in-house foam experts - we can work together to create a seat prototype with innovative trim attachment points optimized for your production seat program.